Monday, June 26, 2017

The Finish & Recap

I slept until just past 6:30 am, and was back on the road again shortly thereafter.  I didn't stop for breakfast, although I did stop for fuel.  And I was back in my driveway before 10:00 am that morning.

Home - for the first time in 3 weeks.  I know I've been away longer in the past... but it still felt good to be here, to be done driving.

I got all of my items inside, greeted the kitties, and instead of napping like I probably should have, I went and washed the Jeep.  It had been absolutely disgusting since I'd gotten to the west coast, despite my multiple attempts at washing it.  I took it to the DIY place to pre-wash it and vacuum it out, then to the car wash with the brushes where we have a membership... and even after that, it wasn't good enough (to me).  So I came out with a hand towel and glass cleaner, touched up the exterior, and wiped down the interior.  Then... only then was I satisfied with it.  I knew I'd be waxing it later in the week too, but that could wait.

That's it.  End of story.


I'd had a lot of time while in Phoenix and during my final day driving home to reconsider some thoughts.  Seemingly, a lot of things on this trip didn't go as I'd intended.  The hike certainly didn't pan out as I'd hoped.  Even my backup plan didn't work out.  BUT, all of these pitfalls made it possible for me to go to be with my family in Phoenix... of which I'm very thankful I was in a good place to make that trip.

It's funny how things work out sometimes, right?

And now I'm home.  I'm looking at foot surgery at the beginning of August, which will keep me down for somewhere between 4-6 months by the time all is said and done.  After that, I'm back into my photo work season.  And hopefully, maybe back into my dance season.  Life resumes as normal.

But I don't accept defeat yet.  I accept delay.  I still want to do this thru hike - that hasn't changed.  So, now I have a different approach.  I'm going to try again, likely next year... once I've healed.  I've yet to decide if it will be in the spring (like this time) or in the fall.  I have time to work on getting pack weight down.  And to work on building myself up - in strength and stamina.  To read and research and reevaluate and do it better, to make it farther... and who knows, maybe even finish it.  That's my goal, at least.


Time away from home/on the road:  21 days
Miles traveled: 7580
States traveled: 10
Oil changes: 1
Cracks in window: 1
Animals/birds killed:  None!!!  (I usually get at least one.)
Insects killed:  countless
Already-dead roadkill hit: 4
Photos taken on the big camera: 644

Thanks for coming along on the ride with me - I appreciate all the comments and encouragement!

High quality images from this trip are coming - most likely to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and my personal website.