Tuesday, June 6, 2017


For the most part, my day consisted of revisiting old favorites from years past...

But on my way into Wyoming, I did happen upon Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska. It's something I'd heard about before from Aaron, but I've never been. It certainly ranks nicely in with both Cadillac Ranch and the Bug Farm, both on/near Route 66. In this art display, the creator stacks cars to resemble Stonehenge. There are some other displays on site as well, but even those are made from car parts. It's definitely different, as worth checking out if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

From there, I revisited some favorite routes from previous trips... namely, the trail that runs from Glendo, WY through Medicine Bow National Forest, and the original Oregon Trail alignment between Mills, WY (near Casper) and route 220 just east of Independence Rock... all of which took me the rest of the day to complete.

I've learned of some other Oregon/Mormon/California/Pony Express trail alignments that I havent explored yet, and those are on tomorrow's agenda... as well as getting to (or near) Grand Teton National Park. This evening, I'm resting in a BLM campground on the bank of the North Platte river listening to the thunder, watching some lightning, and waiting for the rain to come in.