Sunday, June 25, 2017

Marathon Driving

Today was drive day.  I had no intentions of stopping to sight-see anywhere.  Once I'd gotten into Denver, I knew it would be all-interstate all-day.  But before that, it was a scenic drive between Gunnison and Denver... some fun, squirrely roads and a few really fantastic views.

But it has to end sometime, doesn't it?  *sigh*

Outside of all the driving, there isn't much else to report for this day.  I drove 15+ hours, mostly along I-80.  Gunnison, Colorado to just short of the Iowa/Illinois border... and just over 1000 miles traveled for the day.  I really hadn't intended on driving that long or that far, but there wasn't anything else I wanted to stop to do or see, and the lure of home was getting stronger.  I typically get tired shortly after dark, but didn't.  Instead, I drove until just after 11:30pm.  At that point, I simply stopped at a rest area near the state line to sleep a bit.

Google maps said I had 2-1/2 hours till home.  I'd finish it in the morning.