Sunday, June 18, 2017

Into the Oven

I awoke in Idaho Falls, nearby the interstate where I'd settled in the night before.  I thought it was still a little early to be messaging my mom, so I'd opted to grab a bite to eat, and cruise the downtown area of town near the Snake River.   

As it got a little later, I decided to send Mom a text to see if she thought I should head that direction... thinking she might not get the message right away, but also, that she might not answer if I called (she doesn't always carry her phone).  I sent the text, and waited.  She was pretty quick to call me back.  Mom said she'd asked my grandmother if she'd like to see me (she said she did), and that she thought it would be great if I wanted to head that way.  I informed Mom that I probably wouldn't be into the Phoenix area until that next evening, or early on Tuesday morning... and that I'd let her know as I got closer.

Off to Phoenix I went!

I got onto I-15 and headed south out of Idaho, and about 3/4 of the way through Utah, exiting onto Utah state 153 just outside of Beaver.  From there, I took highway 89 into Kanab, where I stopped for fuel.  That stop was a little bit of a shock to the system - the last time I'd gotten out of the vehicle, it had still been in the upper-60's.  In Kanab, I got out and was greeted with 97-degrees of toasty goodness... because I'd been traveling in my climate-controlled chariot, I wasn't exactly ready for that!!  😦  And let me just say... a 'dry heat' is still hot.  

I hadn't really considered the heat in conjunction with camping out in the Jeep until this point.  I knew the heat would make for an incredibly uncomfortable evening.  As much as I hadn't planned to, I thought it best for me to find a room for the evening once I got into Page, Arizona... just over the state line.

I was in Page late last October, when I was on my road trip to a sports photography workshop in Costa Mesa, California.  Then, I visited Horseshoe Bend and some other scenic areas.  I hadn't intended to sight-see here on the way to Phoenix this time.  I did, however, need to do laundry and hit up the local Walmart to see about a pair of shorts (of which I did not pack when I left home, not anticipating these kinds of temperatures).  So I did my errands and chores, found the cheapest room I could in town (which wasn't that cheap), checked in, and then found dinner.  The restaurant was called Canyon King Pizzeria - and it's built inside of an old paddle boat that used to run on the Colorado River.  The venue was neat, the food was (eventually) good, but the service - if one could call it that - was the slowest I may have ever experienced.  Ever.  Might I suggest ordering for take-out... and if you decide to try it, don't be in a hurry to get anywhere.  Ever.  

After taking my dinner order back to my hotel room, I decided on my plan of attack for the following day.  I would be in pretty close proximity to the south rim of the Grand Canyon the next morning... so I thought I'd make a short detour as I hadn't been to that part of the Canyon since I was in grade school. At that point, I was currently only 4 hours from my final destination in Phoenix... and after leaving the Canyon area, would still be approximately 4 hours from my destination.  Win-win.  

**No photos today**