Sunday, June 11, 2017

Errands With a Side of Beach Driving

As antipated, much of my day was spent in errand and chore mode... with intermittent fun things.

I had to roll back towards the Portland area this morning, as I was in search of an additional compression bag and a hand strap for my camera... and, sadly, St. Helens simply couldn't supply those items. But Beaverton could! I stopped off at the REI and some little mom & pop camera shop, respectively - each mission was a success.

That done, I made my final approach to the coast. I took the less traveled route (by suggestion of Aaron), and completely confused the Google Maps Lady - she kept trying to send me back the way I came. So, I shut her down and simply followed the signs... until I dropped I to Astoria. I then popped over into Warrenton to meet with the gentleman about housing my Jeep while I'm away.

I knew I had laundry to do, and I wanted to hit up the local grocery store to stock up on my first couple of days worth of provisions, and I wanted to wash the road/trail grime off the Jeep as well.  But before all that, particularly the car wash, I needed to take the right-of-passage drive...  the one I've done every time I've been out this way... the beach drive! I headed south to Gearhart's beach access road, and cruised the sandy highway back north a bit over 10 miles, exiting in Warrenton.

Once back in town, I stopped for a quick bite to eat, checked in at my hostel (more civilized lodging for me tonight), washed the Jeep, did my laundry, and lastly shopped for my dining options. In the morning, I will have to take inventory and restock my backpack for the real reason I'm out here this time - the hike!

At this point, I'm guessing my updates will become more sporadic. My phone usage will be minimal - primarily for GPS/mapping when I have to navigate through towns... and also for music when I need a little pick-me-up. I will have my external battery pack on me, but I want to use it sparingly as to cut down on the frequency I'dll need to stop in town and recharge. I still plan to write an update each day (I have a notebook), but will probably post it in digest/diary form when I have access to power/wifi... we'll see.

Here we go!