Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Cannon Beach, and the trip south...

**Although the next few updates are a bit behind as quite a lot has happened between then and now, I still feel the need to complete the updates for continuity sake.**

The next morning, I headed into Cannon Beach... or more commonly know by movie buffs as 'Goonies Beach,' as that's where a few popular coastal scenes were filmed (  My intent here was to hike the entirety of the beach - 8 miles, round trip.  The weather was comfortable, and I was on the beach early... while the masses of other tourists were still in bed or at breakfast.  I was still hurting, so the name of the game was to take it slow, enjoy myself, and get some photos... and not overdo anything.  I didn't carry much aside from my camera and water, and I wasn't going to be in a hurry - I had nowhere I had to be.

I took a leisurely pace... which was nice, stopping to simply breathe and take in the environment.  About halfway between where I entered the beach and where it ended was Haystack Rock.  Fortunately, I'd arrived at low tide (not planned), so I picked around the tide pools and got acquainted with critters I can't see at home... except for at the aquariums.  Definitely not the same.

I continued past the rock towards the end of the beach... encountering the first of what would be many water/stream/river crossings, had I continued the thru hike.  These were areas where the inland water emptied into the ocean.  My guidebook warned of these, and also advised of good times to wade - low tide vs. medium tide... or, in some cases, it highly recommended taking to the roads to avoid the the water altogether.  In this case, the fresh water crossing the beach was shallow - ankle height, at best.  I took my shoes and socks off to cross, and continued northward to the end of the beach.

The north end wasn't popular - I had it all to myself.  No complaints.  😊  I reached the end, found a driftwood log to perch on for awhile while I enjoyed a snack and the scenery before heading back the way I came.  The pace I'd kept this far was comfortable, and I felt I was doing relatively 'okay' considering.  I tried to stretch my knee/legs before returning, hoping that would prolong my okay-ness.  But after re-crossing the stream, I had begun to feel the strain return... which was a bummer, because I had something like another 1 - 1-1/2 miles to cover.  My walk became a bit more labored, but I kept on.  At this point, the influx of tourists converged on Haystack Rock... making me even more pleased to have had the quieter moments earlier that morning.

I did make it back to the parking area without causing much more obvious damage to myself, however, part of the 8 miles round trip of this beach was continuing a bit further south to the end of the sand and back.  I chose not to press my luck.  After consulting with my mapping app, I'd confirmed 6 miles for that morning already.  I felt like that was maybe enough for now.

At that point, it was mid-morning.  I'd originally thought if the beach walk took me longer, and I still felt pretty good afterwards, I'd drive to the south side of Tillamook Head, park, and hike that section as well.  But after my adventure on the beach, I thought better of it.  I was without anything that I wanted to do in town.  Shopping isn't my thing, and I'd already eaten... so the restaurants were out.

Consulting the guidebook, I'd read where some of the upcoming beaches were ones that could be reached by road.  My idea was to drive Highway 101, pick and choose some of the stretches of sand, get out and visit them... not necessarily hike them that day.  But essentially, go for a preview.  So I did this.  All day.  And actually drove a lot farther than I had intended... but still was able to see quite a bit more than I would have otherwise.  I kept it up until it got late, and stealth camped in Neskowin, Oregon.

I decided that this type of travel might not be a bad thing either - walk as much as I could tolerate each day (hopefully more and more), and then continue on in the Jeep as deemed necessary.

Mobile phone images for this day: