Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

I soaked in a hot bath last night, and have been all ibuprofen, all the time.

I woke up, and my knee was still crap.

I didn't check out of my room until 15 minutes before I had to - in effort to give myself more time. On the upside, I can walk... but it does take a few of minutes worth of careful and ginger steps to convince my body that it's *okay.* After that, I'm all about the limping.


That pretty much secured me into 'option 3,' for those who have been following along so far...  I arranged for my pack to stay at the hostel until I got the Jeep and could come back for it. I found the bus schedule online - there was a pick up location a block down the road, and a drop off location in Warrenton was just across the street from where my vehicle was located - hooray for convenience! The retrieval went off without issue, as did the pick up of my pack.

I didn't do a lot after that. I went back out and drove the beach - that was the section I'd hiked yesterday - mostly for sake of photography since I wasn't compelled to take much yesterday. I drove to the trailhead that would have taken me up over Tillamook Head, had I decided to push on.  I talked to some other hikers who were going up and had done this hike before... and was told that the first 2 miles were primarily uphill... the second 2 miles were rolling up and downhills... then it levels out after that. Given my current condition, it made me a little relieved I didn't go. They did also mention that if I went up from the Cannon Beach side, it's only 1.5 miles from the day use parking area, and not so intense. I may try that. 

I do plan on trying to hike the whole of Cannon Beach (Goonies beach) tomorrow - it's 4 miles end to end... 8 if I do it all. I'm going to carry my little backpack with snacks, water, rain gear and camera stuff... so, essentially nothing compared to what I've been lugging around so far. If I can manage that, then I might consider the shorter, south side of Tillamook Head that the hikers told me about this morning. I will let my body make that call.

This evening, I got out and meandered along the southernmost beach in Seaside. It's popular with the area surfers, so I hung around to watch them... and hoped for a pretty sunset. I was denied.
Tonight, I stealth camp in town, keep feeding myself ibuprofen, and get some more rest.