Friday, May 19, 2017

Clock is ticking...

I have, what I believe to be, the final puzzle pieces/supplies ordered from my thru-hike shopping list... to be delivered later this week. My living room will likely turn into mass chaos after this weekend is over (hard to believe for those who know me and know I hate mess and disorder in my living spaces), staging supplies, packing, weighing, and repacking in preps for the hike that I leave for in only 2 very short weeks.

Where did the time go?!

The Boy and I headed to the local REI today for one final sweep of items that I needed to replace and/or update. I picked up a Leatherman multitool - I was going to need to carry a pocketknife and scissors anyway, so now I have both in a much more compact package. I also grabbed a couple of carabiners and a spare replacement buckle for my backpack (as advised by an avid hiker friend of mine - it would make for a really bad trip to have the waist belt buckle go out with no replacement while on my route).

Once we got home, I got on the REI website (as the last items I was looking for were not in-store) and ordered a replacement lightweight, higher lumen headlamp than what I currently have, and a lightweight sleeping bag with a lower temperature rating than what I now own. Those items, with 20% off and free shipping, rounded out what I think is the end of the list.

We shall see, once it all explodes in my living room 😳