Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Getting Real

A friend of mine asked me earlier this week if I was still doing that 'walk thing' this summer.  Ha!  I told her I was... which then made me realize how little I've been saying about it at all during the last couple of months.

I did sort of fall of the planning/prepping wagon for a time, but not so much that I've decided against doing the hike.  No, no... real life took over, and I was busy with my work and business.  However, once I caught a quick glance at the calendar and realized how little time left before I was planning to leave, I got the ball rolling again.  Mostly.

There are a few things happening concurrently.  I have cleared out an area in our entryway room to gather needed supplies and equipment - that pile is getting increasingly larger.  I've also been to our local outfitter once so far, and I'm sure I'll be back at least once more before I leave.

Last weekend it was dry enough for me to take the 1-man tent I have outside and learn to set it up. Much to my delight, it's really easy to do.  Another bonus is that the tent, rainfly, and footprint all 'connect' to each other, and can be left connected while I'm on the move - a wonderful benefit, particularly if I need to set the tent in the hurry.  It should only take a couple minutes, tops.  I intend to get a little more practice in at home before the trip - in effort to get quicker with it.  I'll grab a photo for a later date.

Because I'm driving there and back again, I've investigated different long-term parking options. I reached out to a friend in the area (thanks again, Pat!), the local visitor's center, and also to the Astoria and Warrenton, Oregon police departments for their suggestions.  All things seem to point in one direction - the best, most economical idea was to contact the local self-storage facilities (the ones that also store RV's) and see what they could offer.  I sent out a few e-mails last weekend, and have been chatting with one fellow in Warrenton over the last couple of days.  He seems to have a good location with 24-hour secured access (so I can even retrieve my vehicle after-hours, if needed) for a reasonable rate.

I needed a date to give him.  I hadn't actually decided on a date in which to leave home and arrive at the coast yet.  But I had to give him something... which I did.  And now that makes this all even more real because I HAVE to be there on a specific day now.  😯  That freaks me out just a little.  Freaks me out, and motivates me at the same time... if that makes sense.

Once the parking is officially finalized (today or tomorrow), I have to get back to the route mapping. I've started it (and am probably more than 1/3 of the way finished), but that also fell to the wayside. While the general direction of this hike is pretty simple, I do have to route through towns and decipher intersecting hiking trails.  I'll have the guidebook (with corresponding maps) and once I'm finished, I'll also have my GPS map on my phone that pinpoints areas where water is available, places to camp, and other interesting POI's.  I also NEED to get back to conditioning - I was doing so well at the beginning of the year, but then once I got busy traveling on weekends for work, that all fell apart.  On the upside, the hike is something I can do without the conditioning... but I'm sure it'll be a lot less of a shock to my system if I visit the gym and the trails around home a few times before heading out.

I can officially say I now have just a touch over 6 weeks until I leave.

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April 19, 2017