Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I seem to be back into the full swing of seasonal photo work between now and the end of May.  Flying out every Thursday/Friday and back home on Monday to do other weekday assignments and/or business related functions.  I've taken on a few additional clients, but they aren't generating much yet as I'm still onboarding with them - I only anticipate that will change with time.

In addition to the travel, I've been working (slowly) on the thru-hike plans.  I have attended some classes and refreshers on first aid, navigation, and general backpacking at the local REI.  Aside from the classes, I'm working on plotting a digital map for access on a mobile device - but no fear, I will also have the print maps in my possession.  I've also been gathering supplies and necessities.  Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and most recently backpack.  As silly as it sounds, the backpack makes it all seem real (as if it wasn't before?).

Next - research into packable food options (that I actually like, since I'm a pretty picky eater) which don't need to be heated (since I don't intend on carrying a stove), research into where I can park and leave my vehicle while I'm away from it for 4-6 weeks (somewhere near the starting point would be ideal), and get back into training mode (as I kind of let that go as soon as my work schedule picked back up).

More as things progress...

Wordless on Wednesday

February 22, 2017