Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Aftermath

Other than stopping for dinner and fuel, we drove nearly non-stop from Denver to Elgin, IL yesterday. I took the Colorado-to-far western Iowa leg, and Aaron did the rest. He got us home early this morning - we got in and to bed at around 6:00am.  We slept until around 11:00am, and then were up to take care of things around the house.  The Jeep was dirty, in a bad way... so aside from laundry detail, a bath/vacuum for MaK was the order of the day. 

We both plan to putter around home tomorrow before the work week begins again... and we both have things to get back to. My schedule begins getting chaotic from this point until late next spring.

Even despite the vehicular snafu, this has been a really great trip.  I was able to see a lot of gorgeous country, talk to some fantastic people, embrace new learning processes and ideas, and consider other methods of continuing this journey I'm currently on.  I also found that with minimal availability, I learned to not miss social media too much.  While I do need to work with it to an extent (for some of the work I'm doing), I plan to back away from more than I had prior to the last few weeks.  Less subjection to the negative vibes, and instead use it to promote creativity and positive thought.

That said, anticipate some edited images in the coming weeks - I have quite the backlog now.

Thanks for following along these last many weeks, and extra special thanks to those who encouraged journaling of this trip.  It was a great practice, and I'm glad I could virtually take you with me.  :)

*pre-bath Patriot*