Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Leaving Las Vegas

Last night, we got the Jeep back from Discount Tire with 2 new shoes, we returned the rental car to the airport, and checked in at Luxor. After dropping our belongings in our room, we headed out to wander the strip... and kill some time before our 9:30pm showing of Cirque de Soliel's Zumanity at New York, New York. We walked between Luxor to just past Bellagio, watched the fountains, watched the people, and headed back to the theater. The Cirque show was awesome - it's billed as an 18+ show... so it's in Vegas, use your imagination. :D  A lot of sensuality, acrobatics, music, comedy... and some of it we felt closely related to our years in the Rocky Horror cast - wonderful show!

So this morning, we're headed back. Unfortunately by way of interstate highways. :P Google maps says 25 hours if we drive direct... we have the better part of 3 days, hoping to be back by Friday evening.