Sunday, October 30, 2016

SSA13/SoCal Trip - Day 8

Mmm... I slept in, I slept wonderfully... and the lovely folks at Harrah's were wonderfully cooperative about putting me somewhere remote so I didn't have to deal with loud people while I slept.  Kudos to them for a nice evening. :)  My taste of Vegas outside of the hotel room consisted of a short stroll up and down the strip on the immediate block I was on - it didn't take long at all before the people annoyed me enough to go back to my room.

After checking out this morning, I was off to do my laundry and grab some lunch.

The only eventful part of my day was this afternoon. I took a trip back to Red Rock Canyon (I was there for the first time last year). Due to it being the weekend, it was awfully busy... but it wasn't as much the hiking trails I was interested in, but the photography and finding Rocky Gap Road.

Rocky Gap Road is the one 4x4 trail arlt Red Rock that goes from within the canyon, through the mountains, and out the other side... vs. going around via highway. I had done some online research and talked to someone who knew the area before leaving on this trip. The general consensus was that without a largely-modified ride, the trail in its entirety would be impassable. But... I wanted to see just how far I was able to go, knowing I'd likely be coming back the same way. I was able to get a couple miles in before things got interesting. And if I had armor, I would have attempted further. But to pass the rocky wash that held me up with an unprotected undercarriage... well, that wouldn't be a smart move on my part. I backed down the trail where I could turn around. The driver behind me was also going up the trail, and had done so before... he said that the area I backed away from was the most difficult for quite a few miles, but there were far bigger obstacles on the other side, and I wouldn't have been able to successfully make it all the way through. Good to know... it made my decision to turn around feel like a better choice.

So I left the park under normal, paved circumstances and headed the direction of Death Valley. I might have made it before nightfall, only I continually became distracted by the all the dirt canyon roads off of the highway... and my need to explore some of them.

So instead of Death Valley, I am in Pahrump, Nevada... a bit under 1-1\2 hours from Death Valley NP. I anticipate being there mid-morning.

*selection of phone pictures*