Thursday, November 5, 2015


Our road trip to the Pacific Northwest and back again was wonderful!  Highlights seemed to be anytime we could get off the main paved roads, anytime we could get away from major populations of people.  The road out of Glendo, Wyoming and into the wilderness that took the better part of the morning.  The pathway along some of the original alignment of the Oregon/Pony Express Trails.  The 4-wheel drive only roads inside Grand Teton NP.  The scenic drive west of Bend, Oregon through the Cascade Mountains.  The miles and miles of driving on the Pacific Coast beaches.  These were the moments where Aaron could be on the mini-moto, and me in the Jeep.  While we physically traveled the same path, we both enjoyed our own individual experiences.  It was fun to share stories later in the day once our paths rejoined.

As always, we ran out of time and wished we’d had more.  We even toyed with the thought of adding another few days for the next go-around, but then quickly realized that we would end up using those days to explore more… and still run out of time.  It happened on this trip, it happened when we did the Route 66 trip, and I’m sure it’ll happen on every free-form trip that we do in the future.  
Most photos will be forthcoming – as even nearly 2 months after the fact, I am just past the halfway point in my edits.  Teaser photos on their way.  


I’m still living a double-life in the working world - full-time in an office environment, and part-time in my photography land.  I’m up at 6:00am, at the office between 8:00am – 5:00pm, out to shoot at one of the area schools most evenings during the week until sometime between 7:00 – 9:00pm (depending on the night and the event), home to edit and upload those images, and then off to bed.  I do contract work at least one day on the weekend (often times both days), and back to the office on Monday morning to do it all again. 

However, I will be making the leap of faith out of the office environment into full-time photography work around the first of the year.  I have a fair amount of contract work that has made it *nearly* possible to do for so long… and recently I have landed a large contract that will make my not-so-busy winter/fall/spring season a lot busier with photography and travel.  This will free up some weekday daytime/evening hours, and I should ‘technically’ do the same or better income-wise as I do now… in an environment I prefer, doing something I genuinely love.   So, I intend to make the leap and see how things shake out.  Worse-case, I have to jump back into the land of the office monotony… but I’ll cross that bridge if and when I get there.