Friday, September 4, 2015

West 'til we hit water...

Today is the day that we start our drive out into the wild blue (and potentially smoky) yonder!

Much like my solo trip to Oregon and Washington and back last year, we’re going again!  Same idea as last year – west on US Highway 20, east on US Highway 2, no interstate highways – yet a slight bit different.  Two of us this time, and an itty bitty motorcycle hanging off the backside of the Jeep for 16 days.  Camping out of the Jeep, no certain destination, stopping wherever we want, whenever we want… very free form, as we’ve come to appreciate.  He can hop off at random and cruise the bike on the dirt roads, and I’ll certainly stop off at random for countless photo opportunities.

This trip has become a much-anticipated one.  We didn’t travel anywhere of significance together last year – just separately.  Originally we planned to do this back in June, but it was bumped for my knee surgery.  Now that I’m 11-weeks post op, and nearly back to normal operating condition, it’s time we get this show back on the road.  :D

So be forewarned of the upcoming photos and trip reports from the road.  Come 5:00pm, we do this thing.