Saturday, May 2, 2015

Chaos & Healing

Once chaotic weekday/weeknight/weekend schedules have become the norm... the thought of having most of that removed in just a mere couple of weeks is a little surreal.  It's a little welcomed.

Okay... it's a LOT welcomed.

This time, two weeks from now, the only thing I'll have going for me is the silly day job.  Dance will be done for the season (and potentially longer), schools will be out so my high school photo gig will be finished until September... and other than the previously mentioned silly day job and the periodic weekend contract, things are looking mighty relaxed.

I'm really starting to like that idea.  I've dished up too much a lot for myself since December, and the light at the end of this tunnel is looking mighty bright from where I stand.

Energies can be put back into reacquainting myself with my long lost friends and family (sorry guys, I know I'm lame).  I can back on track and delve back into some of these photo projects I've been working on (SO jazzed about that).

I've had one seemingly major bump in the road in terms of the way my summer should work.  Instead of enjoying the time away on a road trip with The Boy back to the Pacific Northwest in June and July as we'd planned, it appears I may be recovering from major knee surgery instead.

Quick background... I have hypermobility syndrome, which essentially means my joints easily move past the normal/typical range of motion that most people experience.  I use prescription orthotics to help correct foot/ankle/knee/hip alignment, and I'm mindful of my posture.  About 10 years ago, I had major knee procedure which helped to re-align how my kneecap tracked in my right knee.  Prior to that, it would dislocate and relocate when I bent it and was weight-bearing and was generally pretty painful.  Back then, I was told the same issue existed in my left knee, but to not concern myself with it until I showed symptoms.  I've had symptoms in the left knee now for 5-6 months.  :(

So after x-rays and a consultation with Dr. D, my orthopedic doctor, last week, I seem to be on track to have the whole thing done all over again.  I still have to do the tests to confirm - MRI is on Tuesday - but if all looks as it did with the other knee, I'll be going back under the knife.

In case you're curious, this is what I'm having done, click HERE.
(DISCLAIMER - there are a couple of icky images in this link, but most are diagrams.  Careful if your squeamish like I am.):

I'm not necessarily looking forward to having this done again, or the time and discomfort involved with the process - complete recovery is somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 months.  I am looking forward to the improvement that it should bring.  And, I'm fortunate that my schedule is slowing quite a lot.  It allows me to have this done and not miss out on much extra-curricular contract opportunities**, and only miss a few months of dance once the season starts in the fall.  Also... this being completed in the summer months vs. in the winter when it's icy and snowy... I hope will be better.

**I do worry about not being available for my contracts sometimes. It's gotten to where, because I've been around awhile and produce quality work, I'm requested personally.  I worry that if I can't be around, then they'll move on to someone else.  The contract work is a lot of fun and pays well - I'd hate to lose that.**

And we still plan to get out to the PNW this year - just not until later in the year now.  We're starting to think maybe in September.  If all goes as planned.  Hopefully that's still as nice of a time to visit as the summer.  :)

I'm more than ready to get back out here...