Saturday, January 3, 2015


A few things have changed for me since my return home from the PNW last summer... mostly good things.

I returned to Lifetouch, was promoted to a team lead position, and then, later, chose to leave (for reasons I will leave for in-person discussion), all by mid-September.  I was fortunate to learn an interesting array of skills while there - in lighting, portraiture, and sport candid work.  However, it was definitely time to move on...

Concurrently with Lifetouch, I had become very active in local/regional sports photography with a couple of different companies.  The work I continue to do for both organizations has been a wonderful addition to my skillset... in addition to it being a really fun way to earn a paycheck.  It involves everything from high school after-school sports, hockey leagues, 5k/10k/foot races and mud & obstacle races.  I'm excited to continue with this path and see where else it leads - while it continues to be a good learning environment with a ton of potential for growth.

Recently, I went back into a small office environment for 'day work.'  While it pays well, and I don't dislike what I do or the people I spend the day with, I'm already becoming uneasy with the office confines.  I realize this position will severely limit my ability to get out and explore as I have the last 3 summers... and I'm not sure, yet, what I intend to do about that.  I do intend to do something.

So, much of my time now is spent working... some good (photography), and some less so (office).  I don't spend a lot of downtime home, and I spend even less and less time with friends and family.  I have mixed feelings about that.

I've undergone a lot of personal development within the last couple years.  I've updated my outlook in many areas.  I've learned valuable life lessons.  I've simplified my life.  And now I'm in a position where I'm not certain how I relate to others.  I know what I don't relate to anymore - and it seems to be so much of what others do.  I feel as if most times I'm on the opposite side of the fence.  The difference now is, I'm not really looking in anymore.  I don't feel compelled to be one with the group like I used to.  I'm perfectly fine doing my own thing, often times on my own.  All of that said, I do miss the people I used to be really close with.  But now it's hard to find something that helps me connect... and I'm not sure how to fix it.

So I suppose that's one of the next steps.  That, and the pursuit of photographic development that can keep me out of the office confines.

Ever a part of the continuous life and learning journey we're all on...

Pacific Northwest Photos - Final Edits

At long last, the final images from my Pacific Northwest excursion are done.  They've actually been done for some time, but I've yet to post the link where they can all be viewed - sincere apologies for that.

I like to keep and display them on a lovely site called  They retain most of their quality here - unlike uploading them directly to sites like Facebook and others, where the quality and the image data is stripped.

I hope you enjoy.

Lake McDonald - Glacier National Park, Montana