Saturday, June 7, 2014

Travel Day 7: Arco, ID to Bend, OR

I was up again far earlier than should have been. Instead of trying to go back to sleep, I accepted defeat and stayed up. I stopped for fuel on my way out of town, and was westbound once again.

I did stop back at Craters of the Moon National Monument. I drove the loop road once more - I wasn't feeling up to doing any of the hiking that I thought I would. So after one final, and short, visit... I was on my way.

I was only on the road for a bit over an hour when I started feeling very groggy and road-weary. I had yet to experience during this trip so far, but I think my short sleep cycles were beginning to catch up with me. I came across a rest area near US 20 and State Road 75, parked, and tried for a power nap. I slept a little over an hour, felt a bit better and more alert. So I continued on. 

When I'd gotten up this morning, I had intentions of stopping in Mountain Home, ID for a shower and breakfast (which ended up being lunch). I arrived there just before noon. Once finished in town, it was ever onward.

I'd decided yesterday, that because I spent a lot of time in Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks, I wanted to try to make up for that time today. So I didn't stop much at all, save for fuel stops... and today was a good day to just book it. The scenery, while pretty-ish, was not of the breathtaking and awe-inspiring nature today as it was yesterday.

Drive, drive, and drive I did... finally landing in Bend, OR when it was all said and done. Just into the city limits on the east side of town, is Pilot Butte - you can drive to the top (500 ft.) for the grand view of the Cascade Mountains with the city of Bend at the base. I drove up once when I got into town...

I returned closer to dark to get in some sunset photos.
The photos I took with my actual camera will be far better than these... but you get the idea.

Tomorrow, I drive over a mountain range. I don't officially have to be to my first host site until Sunday morning... so I'll take one more day to get into the Portland area, explore a little, do some laundry... and enjoy one more glorious night of sleep in the Jeep.