Saturday, March 8, 2014

Winter: Done?

I love the snow.  I do.  More than anyone else I know, probably.  I'm not a huge fan of the cold - anything under 20-degrees can take a hike.  We had far too many sub-zero days.

I've come to the conclusion... I'm actually kind of ready for winter to be over now.  Kinda.

We've had what I would call a 'full winter' this year - it started late in November, and still lingers. Typically, January through early-March is when we see snow that sticks to the ground... but not a lot of it.  In the past many years, we've been conditioned to a comparably mild season... I even recall a March two years ago where the temps even hit 80-degrees.  I had to MOW MY LAWN!  In March!  I know!

Now I have plans this summer that require me to do more than purchase an airline ticket and pack my bags.  I have a vehicle to prep.  There is repair work to be done.  Maintenance work to be completed.  In addition to that, there are things I want to create to make the journey more comfortable - screens for the rear windows of the Jeep, for one.  All of these things require work to be done outside.  I'm all gung-ho to get going... and I am not especially happy about having to sit on my hands and wait around for Mother Nature to decide which phase of her hot flash she's in.  I know there's not much I can do to change that, however.

So while I wait, there is an ever-growing to-do list... which sees additions daily.  I'm looking forward to checking some of those things off the list.