Saturday, February 15, 2014

Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail

Tomorrow we take an exploratory trip with a friend.  


The southern-most section of the lesser-known Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail, which lives along the western border of Wisconsin.  The route is more known among the adventure cycle and motorcycle riders, but is also inviting to those in high-clearance 4-wheel drive vehicles.  The full trail is over 600 miles from start to finish... beginning near the IL/WI border near Galena, IL, and finishing on the shores of Lake Superior at the northern end of Wisconsin.  We, however, will only cover the area between Galena and Prairie Du Chien, WI before turning eastward to come home.

The trail description boasts "deep sand, ruts, mud, dust, livestock in the road, horse and cow manure, deer, bears, porcupines, possums, turkeys, logs, low hanging branches, barbed wire, drunk or distracted drivers, bear hunters running dogs, logging trucks, ATV's, rednecks, Amish, bad roads, no roads, lakes, streams, washouts, police, sharp unmarked corners, etc."  Sounds like fun!

In truth, I'm anxious to run even a little bit of this trail.  Even now, in the winter with the snow on the ground.  I think (hope) this may be a potential weekend, or longer 3-day weekend trip for the Jeep & 4x4 crowd in this area.  Maybe for sometime in the spring or autumn.  It doesn't seem like anything overly complicated, but yet it's scenic... 

While we won't be bringing the Jeep this time around, the (hopefully trusty) 4x4 Chevy Blazer will be the chariot of choice.  With any luck, it will serve us well.  Our friend will be in his Jeep Wrangler - TJ.  I'll document what I can, and report back - here, and on the Jeep forums I visit regularly.  This may be an adventure that we choose to repeat in its entirety later this year.