Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cross Country

It's been many, many moons since I posted anything.  I have no real good excuse, and for that I apologize.

I didn't finish the Alaska travel blog from last summer... shame on me.

In a quick, very brief, recap... the rest of the trip that Aaron and I shared through Alaska and Canada last summer was fantastic!  No real issues to overcome, and the scenery and weather couldn't have been any better.  Oh, and if you haven't found the images yet, please feel free to have a look HERE.

Moving on... starting new.

Summer 2014's plans are beginning to take shape already.   As much as I am in absolute love with Alaska, I've opted to change things up and do things a little differently this year.  Destination of choice is ....

*drumroll, please*

The Pacific Northwest (PNW)!

The game plan, so far, is this:

I leave the Chicago area the first of June.  Road trip across the country via US Route 20 (no interstate highway travel, unless Rt. 20 gets on the interstates).  I camp each night in the jeep, I drive and stop to visit areas that interest me during the day - for photos, for fun. I'm allowing  myself just a touch over 1 week to get out to the PNW before I begin volunteering with my first host.

This year I will be volunteering with 2 separate hosts instead of a single host for the duration of the summer.  My first stop will be just west of Portland, Oregon.  This host has a 2-week maximum volunteer policy... so I won't be there very long.  After those 2 weeks are complete, I will continue northward.  I'd like to take a full day or 2 (for sightseeing) to reach my second host located just south of Bellingham, Washington.  It's there I will stay for nearly a month - through approximately the middle of July.

In the same vain as last year, Aaron is planning to take time off of work while I'm volunteering and drive out to meet me near the end of my stint near Bellingham.  Only, this year he intends to use his mini-motorcycle (Kawasaki KE-100) to do it.  For him, it's looking like 5-6 days, 8-10 hours a day, to get to me on the cycle (holy saddle-sore, Batman!).  Once he reaches me, we will put the motorcycle on the hitch-mounted rack (I'll have the rack with me in the jeep), and we will travel back together in Eugene (jeep).

It's my goal... we'll see how this goes... to keep this travelogue of sorts better updated than last year.  While I will still be taking a huge amount of photos, as I do every year, I've decided against trying to process them on the little netbook that I usually bring with me.  The screen color on the netbook is absolutely horrible, the operating system isn't current enough to run the editing software I prefer, and I typically find that I have to re-edit everything again once I return home anyway.  So, I have a feeling it will be a fair amount of cell phone images, and maybe some unedited camera images to post here until I can give the majority of the material on the camera it's just attention once I get back.

So welcome, again, to the 2014 planning stages... glad to have you here and virtually along for the ride!