Monday, July 8, 2013


Monday evening last week, we received my new roommate WWOOF'er from France.  Her name was Marguerite - a 24 year old primary school teacher from near the Italian border.  She had been in Alaska for about the same amount of time as I, only she worked for a couple of weeks in Palmer before taking off on a road trip around the state with her boyfriend.  He had to fly home just before she arrived with us, and she plans to spend 2 weeks with Allison, Malcolm and company.  

We spent the early part of Tuesday doing some work around the garden - I did my best to fill her in on the continuing projects that I worked on so she could take over once I left.  The family had a birthday party to go to on Tuesday evening, so we were given the thumbs up to go to town (and pick up more rocks for the garden at the beach).  I introduced her to the addiction that is Two Sisters, and we ran around and did some other things as well.

Wednesday, Malcolm had to go to Seward for a job and we were invited to go with to investigate a different town!  After getting Allison's blessing (I didn't want to bail on her), we went along.  We had to get up at 5:30am to be ready to go at 6... which was a little rough after getting used to being up between 8:30-9:00am each morning.  We managed.  

Seward was a lot like Homer... not as pretty, but the weather was rainy/cloudy/gloomy.  We couldn't see much of the mountains or the bay as we'd hoped.  Being that it was July 3rd, the town had a lot of things going on to celebrate.  A little street market in the downtown area with food/craft vendors, and prepping for their annual race up Mt. Marathon.  It's a footrace up the mountain - something like 3500 or 3600 ft elevation.  I was told that last year, someone never made it back and was never found!  A little scary.  But they were making the last-minute preparations anyway - the shown must go on.  So we wandered the shops, stopped for coffee/drinks, hiked along Resurrection Bay, and stopped in the Sea Life Center.  We stayed in town till about 4:00pm when Malcolm picked us up to head back to Homer.  

The trail up the center of Mt. Marathon
Resurrection Bay

Puffin - a local resident
Resurrection Bay
Thursday was Independence Day.  We worked a lot in the high tunnel that day.  I think Allison wanted to take advantage of 2 helpers while she could - more work to be done in less amount of time.  So we finished the huge tree transplanting project that I'd started about 1-1/2 weeks prior.  That took most of the morning and the early part of the afternoon.  Once finished, we reconvened in the kitchen to start working on fixings for the dinner party that was to happen later that evening.  We were expecting Malcolm's parents, and some other friends of Allison's... plus Marguerite and I.  I think 10 people total.  We had most everything started or finished, so Marguerite and I went to watch the parade in town before all of the guests arrived.  She had never witnessed a July 4th parade before, so she was very excited - and even more excited to collect some of the candy that was tossed!

The dinner party went well!  The food was fabulous, and the company was too.  I, however, was kind of on pins and needles waiting for Aaron to arrive... I'd been in contact with him throughout most of the day, and he was expected to arrive that evening.  Anxious doesn't even begin to describe...

He arrived about 9:30pm!  I was really, really, really happy!  He came inside the house, and I introduced him to everyone... and he got some of the leftovers from the dinner we had earlier before we headed out to the van to talk and go to sleep.  

To be continued...  :D