Sunday, June 9, 2013

What day is this?

Thursday morning I got out to town for a few hours.  Allison dropped master Declan off at daycare around 9:30am so she could get some work finished at home, and would be back to pick him up at 1:00pm.  This was my timeline to wander.  My first order of business (after Two Sisters, that is), was to visit Bishops Beach.  I was hoping to get there during low tide so I could scope out the critters and tide pool action, but this particular beach wasn't really good for that.  Instead I walked the beach some - it was a gorgeous day for it.  There were a couple of rather large aircraft circling the area - Malcolm told me later that they were C-130 Herc's.  Often times, the Coast Guard and other organizations will bring them into Homer on nice days and work on touch-and-go maneuvers on the short runway at the Homer Airport.

St. Augustine Volcano

Friday was more work in the gardens and the greenhouses.  It was rather non-eventful, and nice.  Saturday was much the same - we started early and got a lot done.  I met a local family... a single mother with 2 kids... moose!  :)  From a safe distance (with her watching) I was able to grab a couple of photos.

Two moose calves
Mama moose
I also took some pics of young master Declan (8-1/2 months old) for Allison.  He's such a cutie, and a flirt!  Allison has granted permission to photograph the kids while I'm here - I hope to give her some of those images before I go home.  :)

Later Saturday evening, the family had a birthday party to attend... which left me to fend for myself.  Allison was super-cool and let me use her car to get out a little bit while they were gone so I could grab some photos from different areas around town.  She has also offered the car to me again should I decide to go out closer to "sunset" for photos (sunset around here is approx. 11:30pm - and it never gets fully dark).

Downtown Homer, Alaska
Grewingk Glacier across Kachemak Bay
The Homer Spit - extends 4.5 miles from end to end.
So now it's Sunday evening.  I'm finding it increasingly more difficult to remember what day of the week these days.  Malcolm and Allison both work from home, so their weekday and weekend schedules don't differ depending on the day of the week.  Maggie Mae is on summer vacation from school, so I can't even judge based on her schedule.  Outside, we work on similar things every day.  I often have to consult my phone to get a day-of-the-week update.  With any luck, this week will be easier.  I've decided (and have been encouraged) to take the ferry across the bay and visit Seldovia on Wednesday.  More beautiful scenery, hiking trails, and the opportunity for more wildlife viewing.

Until then, it's another couple of days around the house, helping wherever I can, and getting some projects done.