Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday: Day of Rest

It seems that I always do my stroll around Homer on Tuesday.  Allison drops the baby off at daycare at 9am, and returns for him at 1pm.  Four hours.  I hop in her car for the ride into town, and then again for a ride back up the hill in the afternoon.  It makes a nice little trip to break up part of the week, breaks up the scenery, and gives me some time to explore on my own.

Today's trip took me past the grocery store for supplies, and then over to the Pratt Museum.  A few people have recommended it, and have advised leaving a couple of hours to peruse the exhibits.  It was a cool little museum.  I caught the whale exhibit, spent extra time reading up on the area bear population, and walked through the exhibit and watched the 45 minute video documenting the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill incident.  I remember hearing all about it and seeing the images of the cleanup efforts, and the effects on the animals and shorelines (when I was 12), but I don't think I took as much interest then as I have recently.  While the area has bounced back, there is still evidence of the disaster... even after 24+ years.  I have no doubt that it will always be this way.  

My immersion in Alaska's spill history today has caused me to go back and revisit the Deepwater Horizion spill in the Gulf of Mexico from 2010, a far more severe spill.  I can't imagine the time it will take the Gulf Coast area to recover, even in the way that the Gulf of Alaska has "recovered."  

When I got back from town this afternoon, we decided it was too warm out to be overly productive.  Regardless of what the weather websites show for Homer temperatures, it's always 10-15 degrees warmer on the hill where the house sits.  While that's still a lot cooler than the Chicago area, I'm learning that the sun is a whole lot more intense and seems to overheat the body at lower temperatures.  It's an interesting phenomenon.  So, instead of working outside in the gardens today, I watched young master Declan for awhile so Allison could get some computer work done.  We hung out on the elevated deck and watched one of the male yearling moose in the yard.  At first he was lying in the shade, but then he decided to investigate the area around the yurt that I stay in... and eventually charged Tutka, the family's 10-year old Golden Retriever.  Fortunately, Tutka is pretty smart and knows how to stay out of the way of moose.  He circled the house and joined us on the deck.

Later this evening, Allison and I took a trip back into Homer for a movie and the town's single-screen theater.  We saw Star Trek: Into Darkness.  Cool movie!  :)   On the way back up the hill, I'd noticed a rather large ship out in the bay, and inquired as to what it was.  She told me that it was an oil vessel.  Sometimes if the winds are too rough out on the open water, or the ships destination harbor doesn't have space, the ships will temporarily come to Kachemak Bay.  After my oil spill immersion lesson earlier today, the view left me uneasy.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to be a little cooler outside... so it'll be back to work!