Monday, June 17, 2013

Seldovia, locals & such

Last Wednesday, I hopped the Rainbow Connection to Seldovia for the day.  The boat took us across Kachemak Bay, and around the Gull Island bird rookery where we saw a wide variety of Alaskan sea birds - from gulls, to murres, to puffins... and everything in between.  The weather was gorgeous - except that I insisted on staying at the front of the ship (with the best view, of course) for the entire trip... and it was exceptionally cold.  Once we arrived, my face and hands were numb from the cold and the wind.  SO worth it though.  :D

Headed out of Homer Spit Harbor...

And out into Kachemak Bay.

Gull Island:

In Seldovia, I stopped off at Perry's Cafe at the Sea Parrot Inn for a quick lunch.  Afterwards I wandered the downtown business area.  I visited another site that I was interested in volunteering for this year - Thyme on the Boardwalk.  While also a very pretty location, I'm satisfied with where I am in Homer this year.  Before we exited the boat, we were given information about a hiking trail at the other end of town.  The trail is called the Otterbahn Trail, and it extends from downtown Seldovia out to the outer beach - a 1.5 mile hike each way.  My timing wasn't so great, so for fear of missing my boat back, I only hiked about a mile in before returning to town.  Instead I went to visit the inner beach in search of tide pools and photos.

We were allowed 3 hours to explore Seldovia before returning back to Homer.  The return trip was much warmer.  It took approx. 1-1/2 hours to get back (without the detours that we made on the way out).

It was a really relaxing and peaceful trip - a nice break from the gardening to see the sights.  I've been trying to do mini-trips in/around Homer once or twice a week as the workload allows.  Mostly it's exploring town, which is fun in itself.

Later that evening when I was turning in for the evening, I spied a couple of yearling moose out the front door of the yurt.  They kind of startled me... it's not something you simply look up and see at home.  So once I got over the little bit of shock, I went for the camera and followed them through the yard (at a safe distance, mind you).
Also in the past few days...

I learned that Malcolm & Allison's next door neighbor is Captain Wes from NatGeoTV's Alaska Fish Wars.  I've not watched it, but am curious to see what it's about now.  From what we were told, the network will be filming his crew again towards the beginning of July.  The bonus to meeting him was that he brought over a freshly caught salmon with him... and it's what was for dinner later that evening.  So good!

We've tackled and overcome the irrigation problems that they were having around the garden.  Also, we've weeded a huge number of peonies and the berry patches - strawberry, raspberry, and some other odds and ends.  A huge undertaking, trust me.

Before I left to come here, had found that I was accepted into a landscape photography mentorship program - a super-cool honor.  Outside of the work around the garden, the weekly assignments for this mentorship has been keeping me busy as well.  It's helped me break through some of my creative road blocks... and I'm only 3 weeks into it (it's a 12 week program).  Last week's assignment was the study of light... more specifically the quality of light.  We were asked to take a series of 7 photos - all of the same scene - but at different times of the day in effort to observe natural light.  It was a fun project, and I'm rather happy with the outcome... and thought I'd share.  

Oh... and these are all done from Malcolm & Allison's deck.  :)

30 minutes before sunset:
30 minutes after sunset:
30 minutes before sunrise:
30 minutes after sunrise:
Midday (framing is slightly off on this one):

More later!