Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Potato planting: hazardous to your health?

The last couple of days around here have been pretty wet and chilly.  Monday, I worked some in the high-tunnel, yesterday... we pretty much did nothing.  But today was gorgeous - near 60 degrees, blue skies, and sunny all day long (and night too!).  We were going to take full advantage of the day!

This morning I tagged along with Allison to drop off Maggie Mae at her dance class, and then we stopped at Two Sisters (yet again) for hot drinks.  Once back at the house, I did some general maintenance... watered the greenhouse and the salad boxes that are on the deck and spread some compost and broke the ground for this year's potato patch.  A little later on, Allison joined me prepping to plant the potatoes.  We got the mounds built, the drip tape run, the fish powder spread, and the weed-preventing covering on.

Remember on all the old-school cartoons when the antagonist character would step on a garden rake, and the handle would fly up and hit them in the head... and how funny it was in the cartoons?  It's not very funny in real life.

Allison stepped on the rake and it hit right above her left eyebrow.  Blood everywhere.  I'm typically squeamish, but I went into adrenaline mode.  She sat on the ground holding her head.  I sent their baby-sitter upstairs for paper towels.  She requested that I get Malcolm (who was working in their office at the time).  I ran up the hill for him, came back to greet the baby-sitter who had the paper towels, and we started working on getting the bleeding to stop.  Fortunately, it didn't bleed long (although there was a lot of blood).  She continued to sit on the ground for awhile - she didn't pass out or get sick.  No stitches were needed.  I walked her into the house a little while later, got some ice for her head, and she took some ibuprofen.  The whole think could have been a whole lot worse.  Now, she's got a pretty little lump on her browline, and her eye is a little swollen and bruising.  :(

She eventually felt better... and we both went back outside to finish the dangerous job of potato planting.

Later this evening we went up the hill to the Ageya Wilderness Center - Allison knows Kevin who runs it.  He offered up some salad greens because he had far too many and not enough people around to eat them.  The funny thing is, when I was looking for host locations in/near Homer this year, I actually contacted Ageya about working with them.  At the time, they were looking for someone to stay the entire season - with work starting back for me later this summer, that just wasn't going to be possible... and so I declined.  In talking to Kevin this evening, I mentioned contacting him back in January about his opportunity... and after giving him my first name, he remembered my last name and our conversation... and said he was very happy that I still came here anyway, even if his opportunity didn't fit my schedule.  How cool!  :)   After meeting him, and seeing the location that he runs... I would consider coming to work with him someday.

Tomorrow is looking to be a pretty day, so this is the day that I plan to be downtown and on the beach for photos.  I'll have 4 hours to kill, and I'm really looking forward to exploring the area a little more.  It's looking good that I'll also be there Friday night for their First Friday art evening too.