Thursday, June 27, 2013

Negative Tide

Wednesday morning, I went to another core (pilates-esque) class with Allison.  My back has been feeling better, but I've been really paying attention to the warning signs.  This is not exactly a good time or place to have a recurring injury.  I'm doing well so far.

After class, we drove over to Two Sisters before I started my 'free day in town.'  Homer has touristy trolley line called The Homer Trolley that runs in the summer months, making a circuit around town.  This was my activity on Wednesday.  Granted, it took me to all the places I've been before... but it's quicker, and the driver gives you tidbits of local history and geological information about the Homer area specifically.  Oh, and I could get on and off the trolley as many times as I wanted to throughout the course of the day for one price.

My first stop was out on the Spit - I really like wandering around that area.  There's so much going on.  And on Wednesday, they were experiencing one of their monthly-ish negative tides.  It was 5 feet below normal low tide levels - so I could really walk out away from the buildings on the spit.

Technically, I'm standing on the ocean floor here... looking back at the inlet-side boardwalk buildings on the Spit.

An interesting sight I had not seen before... the cool water hitting the sun-warmed sand creating steam as the tides were coming back in.

The ramps to the boat dock are at crazy-steep angles... particularly at negative tides.

I saw a handful of seastars waiting for their water to return.

Load 'em up!

I stopped in town once during the trolley trip to investigate a couple of gift shops.  Then I chose to get back on and ride one entire circuit without exiting, for the full experience.  Round trip was just under 1 hour.  

Today I spent my time digging the last hole for the tree in the high-tunnel - which makes 6 total that I've done.  I'm so happy that project is finished!  Other than that, it's just been maintenance projects for the rest of the day... and probably tomorrow too.

A quick look at the high-tunnel - it's grown quite a lot in the nearly 4 weeks I've been here.  :o)

Tomorrow, the family leaves for a couple nights with friends across the bay.  This frees up some time for me to go out my own (I have car privileges again).  Also, Aaron leaves for his trip up here after work tomorrow... I'm really excited to see him again!  Just a little over a week to go!  :D