Monday, June 24, 2013


I haven't done much out-and-about exploring this past week.  We have been busy around the garden, and doing other odd projects.


Allison and I took time out last Wednesday and went to the single-screen theater in town to check out the new Star Trek movie.

Friday afternoon, we all went to watch Maggie Mae's concert that concluded the Bluegrass Camp that she went to all last week.  She played violin (fiddle) and mandolin - quite well for a 7 year old!

Saturday the family went camping with some friends out on the beach at Anchor Point, which left me that afternoon and half of Sunday to myself.  Allison gave me use of the car if I wanted to go into town or up the ridge for photos.  So Saturday afternoon, I grabbed lunch in town, trekked back out to the Spit for awhile, went to the store for some supplies, and then took myself back over to the theater to watch the new Fast & Furious movie.  Later on that evening I went out for some photos, but the weather wasn't entirely cooperative.  There were no good sunset images.  But there was this...

Part of my job while they were away camping was to feed the dog (Tutka).  I did this.  But at midnight that night, dear Tutka was at the door of the yurt wanting to come in.  He wasn't exceptionally dirty like he can be sometimes... and I felt for him a little... he'd have to stay outside all night because his family wasn't home... so I let him stay with me for the evening.  He was super-good though.  He laid on the blanket where I told him to, and stayed there the entire night!  Good boy!

Yesterday and today I've been projecting... digging holes for trees in the high-tunnel.  Allison is starting a small orchard with apple, peach, and pear trees... but she's only in the beginning stages and trees are still going in the ground.  We have 2 more to put in.

Game plan for this week (away from the homestead) is to take the Homer Trolley around town on Wednesday.  Then, on Friday, the family is off again... this time they are going across the bay to a friend's cabin to go clamming/oyster 'hunting.'  I, again, will be hanging back to take care of the dog and attend to maintenance projects (weeding/watering).  They will be gone until Sunday evening.  I'll have access to the car.  Because it's for a longer period of time that they'll be away, I'm trying to search online for something different to do.  We'll see what I can find out.

And the weekend after that... The Boy arrives!!!  <3 nbsp="">