Sunday, June 30, 2013

Anchor Point

My host family left on their weekend outing on Friday afternoon, leaving me at the house on my own... with Tutka.  :)  Without plans (still), I ended up just winging it.

Friday evening I went into Homer, had some dinner, took in a movie... and then took a drive out East End Road - the only road that runs east towards the mouth of Kachemak Bay.  I was interested to find out how close I could get.  The road travels 25 miles parallel to the bay, with great views, fun winding road, and ends in a cool little Russian village by the name of Voznesenka.  I wanted to take the road as far as I could, but it appeared that I would end up in someone's driveway, so I stopped short and turned back for Homer.  I did find out later that if I would have continued on, the road ends at the beach... as I'd hoped.  Missing out, I'm thinking that might be a fun trip to revisit when Aaron arrives.

Views on the way back into town were a lot like this:

Saturday, I went back into town for groceries and such.  I came back to the house for the better portion of the day, worked in the peony field for a bit, and read for awhile.  Later that evening after a shower and starting my weekly load of laundry, I went back into Homer for (yet another) movie... and then I chose to venture out to Anchor Point.

Anchor Point is the westernmost point in the North American highway system.  Up until this point, I'd been shooting sunsets across Kachemak Bay for a few weeks, and decided I needed to switch it up a little.  Homer is on the Kachemak Bay side, whereas Anchor Point lies on the Cook Inlet side of the Kenai Peninsula... and it's also the side where the sun sets.  I knew there were volcano views from there... weather-pending.  So it was worth it to me to drive the 15 miles or so to get there and check it out.

What I saw was pretty awesome...

Not only did I witness a pretty excellent sunset with volcanoes and clouds coming into play... I also found upwards of 15-20 Bald Eagles congregating with the seagulls all over the beach!  I really do want to come back and camp here before Aaron and I leave the area... weather-pending, of course.  Amazing stuff!

Mt. Redoubt volcano

Mt. Iliamna volcano
Oil Exploration Rig
One of many...
Mt. Redoubt
Mt. Redoubt
As of this evening, Aaron is making really good time.  He's currently camped out somewhere in the Battlefords of Saskatchewan.  He seems to think he'll be to Homer earlier than expected since he's covering a lot of time now... however, I've been informed (and have informed him) that the further north and west he travels on Canadian "highways," the more time he'll lose.  For now, I'm happy knowing he should safely be here by Saturday.  And will be thrilled to see him any sooner.

Rain is expected here most of this week, so I'm not sure how much we'll get done around the garden... this week might just be a (pun intended) wash.

Stay tuned!