Monday, April 15, 2013

In Review

I've had time at my disposal lately, and have been perusing and updating the various websites where I have a presence (mostly photo/social media sites).  What I haven't done is updated the blog in well over a month!  No bueno!  My bad, y'all - sorry!  I'm going to fix that this week.  I have a few thoughts rolling around in my head, and will touch on those things all in due time.  I plan to attack those things in their own separate posts.

For now, a little bit of an update since last I posted...

My LT schedule got busy, and then not, and then busy again... and now... well, not so much.
In February, I was taught a new program for the spring, and a new set of equipment that I'll use indefinitely, regardless of the time of year.  Bonus for me, as that will give me the potential for more work as it comes.  I got busy schedules for a few weeks with this new spring program, but then had a little over a week off for spring break.  After spring break, the schedule got busy again... until I injured myself somehow a little over a week ago.  :(

A week ago last Friday, the Boy and I were leaving our local coffee shop.  I got out of my chair, and felt a small 'pop' in my right hip.  While that pop was only accompanied with a small amount of pain (hardly any to note), the small amount grew and grew as the weekend progressed.  By Sunday night, I could barely walk on my own, and getting up and down from chairs and into vehicles presented an intolerable amount of pain - really.  I resorted to going to the emergency room.  While there, I received the industrial strength doses of pain killers and anti-inflammatory meds.  They ran tests - blood, urine, x-ray - all came back normal.  ER doc guessed it to be bursitis in that hip, and sent me home with prescriptions and orders to stay on crutches until I saw my orthopedic doctor.  I saw my ortho doc on Wednesday afternoon - he said 'no' to bursitis, and instead decided to call it a labial (groin) strain/tear.  He gave me a week's worth of a different anti-inflammatory to use, had me ween myself off the crutches as tolerated, and take another week off from work (this week).  If these things didn't make my problem better, I would need to return to him for an MRI.

Fortunately, it seems to be working.  I'm currently free of crutches.  I can move around without pain - the joint is still quite stiff, and I plan to start working on range of motion stretching as tolerated beginning either tomorrow or Wednesday.  I have meds through Thursday to finish... and I hope to return to normal working status on Monday next week.

But this leaves me with the week free.  I'm working on updating everything website-related since there is an excessive amount of time to do so.  I should be caught up by the time I return to work.  Then, I'll still only have a few weeks of work left before the spring season at LT ends... and I'll be idle once again.

Until I leave for Alaska!

I fly out of Chicago on May 30th into Anchorage.  I'll get in super-late... nearly midnight... so I've reserved a bed at the nearby hostel.  On the afternoon of May 31st, I'll hop the bus to Homer and finally meet my host family where I'll be spending the next 5 weeks.  The Boy will drive up to pick me up sometime during the first weekend in July, and we'll take a week or so to explore, to visit my host family from last year near Fairbanks, and then take another week to return home.  All of this has gotten here a lot quicker that I anticipated... but because I went last year (twice), I feel like I'm better prepared for what lies ahead.

More later!  :D