Thursday, February 28, 2013


Relatively uneventful. 

Pretty much explains the last few weeks. 

It's been business as usual at work... slow, but steady.  Most days are 1/2 days with few exceptions.  I did find out early last week that I am a recipient of a Lifetouch award for my photography - 4th place in a pool of over 5000+ photographers for images taken last summer and fall.  That was pretty cool.  Certainly nice for the resume.  I also received another photo of the day award for my Zamboni image on CaptureMyChicago.  So little things are happening here and there.

Side projects have dwindled since the ALA event a couple of weeks ago.  That was a good time, and a challenge too (huge learning curve shooting in stairwells with my Speedlite)... but now I'm looking for the next new thing. 

Downside is, because I don't have a full work schedule these days, I have a ton of available time... so you'd think I'd be on it in terms of finding freelance work.  Sadly, I'm doing exactly the opposite.  The more time I have, it seems the lazier I've gotten.  I do the random online search for work, but I'm really not putting myself out there like I should be doing.  I've got the resources at my fingertips - but no real motivation lately.

Maybe by blogging my difficulties, I'll turn this thing around. 
I'm seeking out someone to give me a swift kick in the ass to get me going again. 
I'll be taking applications.