Thursday, February 28, 2013


Relatively uneventful. 

Pretty much explains the last few weeks. 

It's been business as usual at work... slow, but steady.  Most days are 1/2 days with few exceptions.  I did find out early last week that I am a recipient of a Lifetouch award for my photography - 4th place in a pool of over 5000+ photographers for images taken last summer and fall.  That was pretty cool.  Certainly nice for the resume.  I also received another photo of the day award for my Zamboni image on CaptureMyChicago.  So little things are happening here and there.

Side projects have dwindled since the ALA event a couple of weeks ago.  That was a good time, and a challenge too (huge learning curve shooting in stairwells with my Speedlite)... but now I'm looking for the next new thing. 

Downside is, because I don't have a full work schedule these days, I have a ton of available time... so you'd think I'd be on it in terms of finding freelance work.  Sadly, I'm doing exactly the opposite.  The more time I have, it seems the lazier I've gotten.  I do the random online search for work, but I'm really not putting myself out there like I should be doing.  I've got the resources at my fingertips - but no real motivation lately.

Maybe by blogging my difficulties, I'll turn this thing around. 
I'm seeking out someone to give me a swift kick in the ass to get me going again. 
I'll be taking applications. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Back in the swing of things

Spring session at Lifetouch is currently in full force.  I started with 1 work day the first week, 2 the second week, 4 last week, and will have a full 5 days next week.  I was approached by my trainer/supervisor yesterday about (high school) senior portrait photography over the summer and was asked to consider that as an option.  I already had, prior to our discussion... and have opted to pass on it this year.

While it's good to be busy again, it also has me planning for my summer back in the great white North.  I've been confirmed at 2 locations in Homer for the summer - I will have to choose between the two as to where I'd like to spend my time. I intend to spend 5-6 weeks, leaving the last week to make sure I get back up to my adopted family in Fairbanks to at least say hello and enjoy their company for a few days.  Preliminary dates look to be May 31st(ish), returning sometime the week of July 15th.  I started discussing timeline and flight info with Aaron this afternoon, and am looking into arranging/purchasing my one-way flight within the next 2-3 weeks.  He has every intention of driving up to bring me home.  It'll be the best of both worlds - flying there, and a road trip home with the boy!  :D 

In other news, I've been asked to review a new publication authored by local photographer John Batdorff - Plug In with Nik: A Photographer's Guide to Creating Dynamic Images with Nik Software. So far, it's been a really wonderful read, and has vastly helped in my post-processing skills and workflow just in the week that it's been in my possession.  I look forward to doing the review for John... I hope to finish the book tomorrow so I can do just that.

Also tomorrow, I will be on site in Oakbrook Terrace to help photograph the American Lung Association's Fight for Air Climb. I was supposed to shoot at their fundraiser walk last fall, but was unable to make it.  So it was nice that the organizers called on me to shoot this event.  I'm looking forward to it!