Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WWOOF, part 2?

With Lifetouch being the wonderfully seasonal organization that it is, and knowing ahead of time what and when my downtime should be in the winter and the summer... I'm thinking it may lend itself well to heading back up to Alaska again this summer, via the WWOOF program.

I got my head around my anxieties last year - it was a rollercoaster learning experience, for sure!  Now I think I've sorted some things out in my mind, and I'm ready to make another go of it this year... really for immersion sake.  And for lots and lots of photos.  :)

Due to the not-so-stellar experience I had at with the hosts in Homer, and the short period of time that I actually stayed in that area... I'm looking at host sites in/around Homer and the Kachemak Bay area again.  Maybe not as remote... we'll see.  The landscape was phenomenal, and spending just under a week there last time was not enough in terms of immersion and photographic opportunity.  So that's where my focus is set for this year.

I sent a message to a handful of host sites yesterday... one of which I spoke with via phone last year.  I really was interested in their opportunity, but had already made solid commitments to be elsewhere.   I'm hoping I can reconnect with them this year and make it happen.  But really, anywhere in the Homer/Kachemak area with nice people and a reasonable workload is doable.  I received a response from one small farm yesterday that are willing to have me, so if nothing else... there's already somewhere to go.

That's it for now... will keep this updated as things progress.