Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This Saturday morning, I will be off to Atlanta for 5 days to the 2013 ImagingUSA convention/expo show.  It's an event that's set up by pro photographers, and comes complete with hands-on type classes, vendors, and a multitude of networking opportunities.  Most of the classes are geared towards portraiture, but there a few that I look forward to attending that deal a lot with post-processing, sports, and business-related practices. 

I'm pretty fortunate to be able to attend... I received a free full-access admission to the 3-day show/classes from my PPA renewal (Professional Photographers of America - I use them for equipment insurance), and I have a friend that lives in the area that has graciously offered to let me crash at his house and use his Jeep for my short daily commutes.  All I've had to put out funds for is the flight... and any incidentals/food/etc. while I'm there.  I also have some Jeep friends that live in the Atlanta area, so it seems that we'll be gathering one evening for food, drink and company - I'm really looking forward to that also!

This week has been all about prepping.  Packing things, cleaning gear, printing schedules and parking info and flight schedules...  should be a good experience!