Monday, December 31, 2012


I have read many comments in the last day or two about good-bye and good riddance to 2012, about how bad the year has treated people, about how nothing good ever comes about for them... and I notice these same comments are usually said by the same people year after year. 

Makes one consider the common denominator, doesn't it? 

I was one of those people often frustrated by my situation in life.  But I'd like to report that 2012 was a really, really great year for me.  It wasn't because of things that happened or didn't happen to me... it was because I finally tired of the same old, same old and dared to step out of the box.  I decided that I didn't want to continue doing things that I had been doing, the things that I knew weren't satisfactory, the things that made me unhappy and unsettled. 

The common denominator was me.  And something needed to change.

With the support of those near and dear to me, I took that necessary leap of faith to leave a career path that was no longer doing anything for me, and that was the cause of a lot of my self-induced misery.  That leap lead me to lands unknown, onto the doorsteps of strangers... strangers that instantly became fast friends.  Looking back, it was honestly the best thing for me.  It was that push out of my comfort zone that made me appreciate simpler things. 

I find that I am living my life a little more simply now... and it's continually a work in progress.  I don't desire or require the "things" that most people tend to want.  Lately life has been very much about purging - physical things, negativity, judgements, unnecessary stress.   I have become more about the experience - observations, discovery, learning... the things that allow one to continually move forward in life.  These are things I want for my life. 

And these are also things that I've found are easily attainable if you have the courage to step outside of your own confines into that better version of yourself that you think a year has in store for you.  Next year does have that in store for you... if you take the initiative to look for it.

Wishing the best for everyone in the new year...and all the ones that follow.