Thursday, November 15, 2012

Progress and ideas

Since the decision to run Route 66, I'd been scouring the internet for ideas to pad the back of the Jeep for more comfortable sleeping.  I looked at workout mats, camping mats, and different types of foam padding... both new and used.  In my search earlier this week I found a king sized, 3" thick memory foam mattress pad on Craigslist.  I went to investigate, as I was seeing a lot of ads online for memory foam that usually ended up being cheap Wal-mart foam.  But fortunately, this was the real deal, the genuine article.  I got it home, lugged it in the house (stuff is heavy!), and spent the next hour or so cutting it down.  Once finished, I discovered that not only did I have a great 1-piece section to cover the area in the back of the Jeep... but I also had enough larger scrap pieces to create a 2nd layer!  Lucky us - now we have a 6" thick memory foam mattress for our journey!  Looks to be quite cozy!

In my daydreams of the ensuing trip, I've been formulating different ways of documenting our travels and experiences.  Obviously there's photos... duh!  It's what I do.  But, being that I've always enjoyed writing... I'm starting to think that it may be worthwhile to record our travel with a journalistic approach as well.  Writing to document the happenings of the trip... not only for us to look back on... but also with the possibility of submitting it to various travel resources after we return.  Can't hurt, right?  It's practice.  It's exposure.  It's something else for the portfolio.