Sunday, November 11, 2012

Historic Route 66 Holiday!

We had plans to run the Maya Rally ( next month, but with too much procrastination on our part, not enough time for passport, and added costs, we're no longer going.

With Aaron having 2+ weeks of use-it-or-lose-it vacation time left, we've opted for another plan. We're going to re-create the trip he ran in one of his Astro vans a couple years ago... and take our time doing it. We've decided to take the first couple of weeks in December to run the length of Route 66, starting from the west and working our way back to Chicago.

We're taking the Liberty this time. From what he tells me, some of the original alignments of the historic route can be quite rough and not very road-vehicle friendly these days, so the 4wd may come in handy. We'll be camping in-vehicle (with lots of extra covers in anticipation of the cold weather). We don't plan to have any specific schedule to follow... only that we want to leave on Nov. 30th and need to be back by Dec. 16th. Everything else will be pretty free-form.

The few things are are on this loosely-based agenda... a stop in Vegas on the way out (I've never been), a drive down into the Grand Canyon, and a visit to a friend in New Mexico.

We've got a little under 3 weeks before we leave. The jeep is pretty much ready to go tomorrow... but I'm looking for some higher density foam padding to put down in the back to make sleeping a little more comfortable (no air mattresses in the cold weather, please), and a couple of other little odds and ends.

I haven't been southwest in many, many moons... since my early teens. Looking forward to the road trip, the photo ops, and the experience.