Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Upward spiral?

As I'm circulating through all of my interweb/social media outlets, I've noticed that it's been a long time since I've said anything here.  I think it's time.

Life at Lifetouch has been really good.  Some weeks, overwhelmingly busy... but now I think I'm into the slow-down period right before the winter season drop off.  I've been doing nothing but retakes and candid jobs lately, of which I like because I'm working on my own.  Not to say that I dislike working with the others... but at least now I'm responsible for how my day goes.  I prefer that.

I'm thankful for this gradual slowing of the portrait season (although my bank account may not agree yet).  I've had the opportunity to work on the freelance side of things - which has suffered dearly since the onset of Lifetouch, I'll admit.  I've recently had some great opportunities to shoot some awesome events, make a few sales, get involved in some professional organizations, meet potential new clients, and network, network, network! 
  • I was invited back to photograph the 2-day Spartan Race event... Spartan Sprint, held at Cliffs Insane Terrain in Marseilles, IL this past weekend.
  • I launched a new website giving users free reign to order prints/digital images/etc. - A work in progress - come check me out...
  • I've become a member of the Professional Photographers of America - this organization provides a lot of fantastic resources of which I did not have access to...
  • As a result of said membership, I'm now off to Atlanta in January for the ImagingUSA tradeshow where I'll have more and more accessibility to resources and like-minded folks... and classes! 

I have other projects and events in the works for this fall and winter - really looking forward to those things!  Given the circumstances, I feel like things are going well.