Friday, September 14, 2012


If there is such a thing as "hell-week" at LT, I have just endured it.  Between lost job paperwork at the office, being late once due to schedule error and once due to lack of school officials to open the doors at 6:30 in the morning, temporary help that doesn't have a clue about what alphabetical order means, poorly-relayed instructions, a rude co-worker creating complaints from school staff, slow computer speeds and photo editing software, biological "issues" on my camera set, 3 trips to Schiller Park, and 2 malfunctioning cameras in 2 days... of which replacements were required in order for me to finish the jobs.  TGIF, for real.

But I'm STILL in a better mood at the end of all of this than I ever was in my CS/sales positions.  :D

Tomorrow night includes sideline photo shoot of the Chicago Fire game!  And then, for the remainder of the weekend, I rest.