Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Travel to Anchorage

Yesterday morning was sad - I left the family at DogWood Gardens in route back to Anchorage.  It was bittersweet.  Gardening really isn't my thing, and so I wasn't super-crushed to be leaving that aspect.  However, the family more than made up for what the garden lacked.  They were all wonderful to be around (even their less than chatty 16-year old son), and I feel very fortunate to have gotten to meet and spend time with them.  I really look forward to returning there to visit in August once Aaron is in Alaska - it's definitely on the agenda!

At 9am yesterday, I hopped a van to Anchorage.  We stopped a few times along the way.  Once in Nenana, once in Denali (for lunch), once to pick up someone from the Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge, once in Talkeetna, and then finally arrived in Anchorage about 7:15pm.  A long, tiring day of being packed in a van. Once I finally got situated at the hostel, I had a decent evening.

This morning I stopped at the Midnight Sun Cafe in downtown Anchorage for breakfast.  I have a bunch of books and miscellaneous other things that I was going to hang on to until Aaron came in August, but instead I decided to take it all to the post office and send it back.  It saves a bunch of weight and space in my luggage.  I'm sure I'll have more for him when he gets here (I've been whipping through books pretty quickly while I've been here).  I wanted to see about getting new inkwork while I was in town, but both tattoo studios within walking distance don't have any walk-in time available, so I'm out of luck.  Maybe once I get into Homer.

Homer.  I leave Anchorage tomorrow afternoon for the next stage in my summer excursion - Homer.  I should get in tomorrow evening.  I'm excited, and a little nervous.  I did great at DogWood though, so I don't see why this should be any different.  I always get a little anxious when in new situations, so this is normal.

Photos later!