Monday, June 4, 2012

Midnight Rainbow

You know the mosquitoes are bad when they chase the farm owner inside before they chase you inside. They were crazy-horrible today.  DEET was keeping them from biting, but not preventing them from swarming my face.  Ugh.

Tomorrow is the first CSA food drop of the year for Dogwood Gardens.  Which means, it's harvest day for me!  Looking forward to seeing what this end of the operation/business is like.  The garden currently has 11 shareholders in which to prepare fresh produce.  Cheryl has gone through and put all of her paperwork together, and aside from bundling the veggies, we're ready to go!

Oh, and here's something fun... I went to the house to use the restroom just after midnight tonight and had my first-ever post-midnight rainbow viewing!  Enjoy!