Sunday, May 27, 2012

Welcome to Dogwood Gardens!

Internet and photo editing time has been minimal lately.  Fortunately, with time in town near reliable wi-fi yesterday helped me get caught up (almost).  So without further ado... pictures!! 

Welcome to Dogwood Gardens near lovely Ester, Alaska!  Although it's considered a small homestead garden, there is a ton of work to be done.  Everyone gets involved here - even the youngest child at 5 years old.

There are 2 major gardens onsite.  The upper garden:  
 And the lower garden:
In addition to the gardens, there are two greenhouses which are ready for transplanting:
Lettuce, anyone?  :)
Some transplants will go into 5-gallon buckets instead of the gardens.  
Gray Jay - keeper of the tomatoes.  Actually, I've found that these are pretty fearless birds.  They've been hanging around everywhere I work, and are chatty.  
My current living quarters - 2-level cabin approximately 8' x 12':
Inside, on the first level is where I keep most of my luggage and misc. other things:
And the upstairs loft is for sleeping.  I also tend to sit by the window upstairs and read sometimes too.
The cabin has electricity (by way of an extension cord that runs from the main house) but no running water, and no bathroom facilities.  I have free reign of the main house for these things. 

So far I have prepared and put down compost, dug holes for new plants, seeded, and transplanted plants from the greenhouse out to the gardens.  When not working, there is a circuit of hiking trails in the valley just below the homestead.  I've only gotten out to use them a couple of times, but will certainly head out more before I leave... approximately June 11th-ish.