Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So it's been awhile, and I feel like I owe an update.

It's official - I am headed back to Alaska on May 21st.  I will resume life on the farm with the host family that I left in haste.  They are more than happy to have me back, and will have plenty for me to do once I arrive... it seems that I'll be there just as plant transplanting time should begin.  I'm grateful to be welcomed back to their home and for the busy-work that will ensue once I'm there.  I trust that this will make the transition a little easier this time around.  Regardless, I'm just going to suck it up and do this thing this time. It will be a wonderful experience once I just learn to go with it.

Which means, I'll be here for the annual dance recital!  I can watch Sierra and my former (current?) class dance, and be there to take a bunch of photos!  In addition to that, I have also been asked to assist backstage this year.  I love working behind the scenes stuff almost as much as I love performing, so this is a great opportunity.  Looking forward to all of it!

I was looking for some temp work when I got back from Alaska, but haven't found anything.  So in my infinite downtime, I decided to re-organize and re-structure my online photography presence and workflow.  What exactly does that mean?

- On my Google+ page, I deleted all images and started fresh - new albums, and only the better images.  I got rid of the less than stellar shots (and I should even go in again and revisit some of the borderline ones). 
- Then I created, published, and reworked my new photography (portfolio) website - www.yellocoyotephotography.weebly.com.  It took quite a bit of motivation and time, but I can say that I'm satisfied with it now.  Is it perfect?  No, but like everything else, it's a work in progress.
- The last big photo project that I have is to rework my Facebook photo page. I have a feeling that this will be most tedious.  I don't want to delete everything and start again like I did with G+ (don't want to lose the comments/critiques), but I'm not certain how/if photos can be easily moved and retain all the comments and information.  I hope to begin that project tomorrow or Thursday.

The photography stuff has taken a fair amount of time in the last week or so, and once the FB project is complete... I'll pretty much be where I'd hoped to before before I leave for Alaska again.  I can then feel free to take all the photos I want with adding to the workload.

Till later...