Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Free time

I had yesterday and today away from garden work (my weekend?) to relax and do some personal chores.  Yesterday was the day of laundry.  The dryer at the house isn't currently working, so while my clothes washed, I busied myself hanging twine lines inside my cabin to hang dry everything.  I could have dried it on the lines outside, but it's been raining off and on since the beginning of last weekend, and I'm on my last pair of jeans.  I didn't want to risk multi-day dry time.  

Once laundry was taken care of, I hiked the trail below the house.  I went about a mile and ended up at Parks Highway:

Cell phone photo
I walked Parks Highway to the Ester Fire Department and then turned around and hiked back to the house.  It was nice to get out and away from the farm for a little while.   I've also had a fair amount of downtime to read - I've blasted through all but one of the books that I brought with me.

Today I spent a fair amount of time online, trying to arrange my passage to Homer in a couple of weeks.  I managed to schedule a bus from Fairbanks to Anchorage on June 12th.  I'll stay in Anchorage the night of the 12-13th, and then hop another bus to Homer on the 14th.  I should be on my seaside oasis that evening.  Everything has been confirmed so far except the ride to Homer.  A phone call needs to be made tomorrow to get that squared away.  I'm trying to make my reservations as soon as possible as it's tourist season here and everything gets filled fast - rooms and transportation.

This afternoon, Cheryl was nice enough to drop me off just west of University of Alaska - Fairbanks (UAF) at the Equinox Trail.  I hiked that trail towards the university.  I discovered that you can see the mountains at Denali NP from that trail - granted, way, way in the distance - but it was still cool.  I hope to post some of those photos later. And now, I'm back at the coffeehouse that I spent last Friday in.  Trying to get caught up and make some connections.

I stopped at a park bench on my hike to soak in the scenery when I had this thought:  I wonder how one would be active in nature/animal/land conservation while also being active in land use issues (keeping trails and such open for responsible off-road use)... as well as incorporating photography and writing into the mix.  That's where my head and my interests have been during the last 1-1/2 years.  I find that it's more difficult still to incorporate this sort of thing into my lifestyle while living in the Midwest.  I truly feel a need to protect the outdoors, but also allow for responsible recreation.  I'm torn.  Normally people find themselves in one camp or the other... not often both.