Friday, May 25, 2012

Fairbanks Day

Work at Dogwood Gardens is getting easier.  The first couple of days were rough - not used to physical work these days, and it sure showed.  But I'm finding that each day gets a little easier and a little less difficult.  If the trend continues, I should be doing just fine by the first part of next week.

Homesickness is at more of a minimum.  I do still miss everyone at home, but I came here this time in a much different, yet better, frame of mind this time.  I still talk to Aaron one the phone every day which helps, and sometimes chat online or via text (when it's available).  I just talked to my parents this afternoon too.  All those things makes all of this easier.

I still find that I'm biding my time until my trip to Homer.  I do love the family here in Fairbanks, but the kayaking gig in Homer was the first opportunity that I signed on for back in January... and I'm very excited to get there.  The only reasons I can think is because kayaking will be a much different atmosphere and the operation isn't anything like I've been involved in before.  I'm finding myself counting down already.

This afternoon/evening I'm in town (Fairbanks) with The Wood Family.  Their eldest son is one of the guests of honor at an Eagle Scout banquet tonight.  So we came into town just after noon.  While they help and prepare for the banquet, I have the chance to wander around some.  Unfortunately, the weather isn't entirely cooperating.  I'm enjoying the 50-ish degree temps here vs. the 80+ degree weather at home, but the rainy weather kind of puts a damper on my afternoon of walking around University of Fairbanks area. Currently, I reside at a local coffee shop, and I'm working on editing/uploading photos and watching the rain.