Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Alaska: Round Two

I'm back in the Fairbanks area, once again.  My flight between Chicago and Seattle was nerve-wracking.  More turbulence than I've ever experienced on a flight to anywhere before - for nearly the entire 4 hour duration of the flight.  I was never more happy to get on the ground in Seattle!  Nerves were fried.  Fortunately for me, the flight from Seattle to Fairbanks was a breeze!  I had a window seat, and it was smooth sailing all the way.  Talk about contrast!

Bill and his oldest daughter picked me up from the airport Monday evening.  Because it was so late, I brought all my belongings into my cabin and set up the bare minimums, and went to sleep.

Or tried.

My body clock isn't a fan of the nearly constant daylight that this part of Alaska is experiencing right now.  Were at the part of the year where it's never getting entirely dark.  Even in the middle of the night and the early hours of the morning, there is plenty of light to see by.  It's a surreal phenomenon if you've never experienced it before.  And it made my sleep the first night very, very spotty.  I was awake every 30 minutes to an hour almost the whole night.

Yesterday morning, I was up early enough to hike up to the road where there is cell signal to call Aaron.  Then I came back to the house, got re-acquainted with the family, had breakfast, and then headed out to the garden with Bill to get going.  He's in the super-busy stage of getting seeds in, getting plants transplanted to the garden, composting... there's always something going on.  My tasks were to rake leaves and spread them along the newly-tilled ground that would soon house the potatoes, and then help their 15-year old daughter, Kiana, transplant 30+ tomato plants... each into their own 5-gallon bucket.

Round about 4pm, I took a break and went with Cheryl to town to the grocery store, and to run some other errands.  That was a nice break, for sure.  Once we came back, she made all the fixings for tacos - cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, beans, salsa... and moose!  My first experience with eating moose, and I must say... I like it!  :)

I had also (per Aaron's suggestion) brought our wireless router here so that I could have internet in my cabin.  I got part of it to work - if I can be online out here, then the family can't access the internet in the house... and vice versa.  So, until we figure out the problem,  I've got the okay to change the settings so that I can have access "after hours" and then restore their access during the daytime.  Hopefully with the few connections I have at home, we can figure out what the issues are and make it so that we can both us the internet at the same time.

And that's pretty much where my day came to an end.  I went back to my cabin to veg out and give the family their own personal time and space, with the intentions to go back in a little after they all retired for bed to get a shower.  What ended up happening is that I fell asleep shortly after getting into my cabin, and didn't end up going to get a shower until about 11pm.  But, on the upside, the evening light was definitely NOT an issue last night.  No problems sleeping as I was wiped out from the day.

More later.