Friday, April 13, 2012

Anchorage Wandering

Yesterday was my first full day in Anchorage.  It didn't take me long at all to get familiar with the downtown area - it really is ridiculously easy to navigate.  Now, if I dare to venture outside of the downtown area... that might be a different story.  For now, I'm still plenty amused where I am.  Not only with the touristy shops and such now waking up from their winter hibernation, but also with the never-ending scenery.  I can't tire of it.  Yeah, sure... I've only been here a little over a day... but still - wow!  That one little word sums it all up.

I got up really early yesterday morning - still not accustomed to the time difference.  I originally woke up at 4:30am, and finally stayed up at 5:30am.  I fiddled around in my room awhile, grabbed a shower, and decided to venture out for breakfast.  I found this groovy little shop called Dark Horse Coffee Co. in which to pull up a chair and treat myself to hot chocolate and a croissant.  Great stuff!  Certainly worth a repeat trip (I'm trying to decide whether or not to go there again this morning, or to check out a recommendation of another place in town).

I tooled around town for awhile, taking some photos, walking through some shops.  Anchorage still seems to be a little on the 'sleepy' side these days... but we're still before the tourist boom, so I'm sure that will change very, very soon.

 Black-Billed Magpie - these birds are pretty common for the area.  I've seen a fair amount of them.  They have a rather obnoxious call (kind of reminds me of the common crow, for you Midwesterners), but I still found them fun to watch.
I walked out towards the most northern section of Cook Inlet and took a few minutes to look around, grab a few more pictures (the pictures certainly don't do the landscape any justice).

For dinner, I ran by Uncle Joe's Pizzeria in town - not a bad little place, and it had decent pizza.  Certainly doesn't compare to Chicago in that department... but overall it was decent.

The weather as been in the mid-40's since I've been here.  A little chilly, but not so bad that I can't layer up a little, throw some gloves on, and head out without a coat.  There's still a significant amount of snow on the ground, but it's been slowly melting with the higher temperatures.

Today I have plans to meet with a JeepKJ forum member that lives in the area.  We're going sight-seeing and going to grab some lunch/dinner.  Sounds like a good, last day in Anchorage.  Tomorrow I'm on the train headed north for Fairbanks!