Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane...

Aaron delivered me to O'Hare International Airport this morning to drop me off for the first of two flights that would take me to Anchorage, Alaska. I made every effort to keep things as light-hearted as possible, but between some last-minute texts from my mom and Sierra... I was starting to turn into a big ball of mush. I will miss everyone – more than I thought previously. Leaving Aaron behind as I walked towards airport security was difficult – I didn't want to be the first one to walk away. But I made it through in one piece, and I hope he did too. Once through security, it was just a matter of waiting – there was nothing eventful - a quick stop to McD's for breakfast, and then sitting at the gate watching the crews do their work outside.

On my flight from Seattle to Anchorage, I was seated in amongst some nice southern fellas all the way from Louisiana (nod to Bub) that were headed up to Kenai to do 3 weeks worth of construction work - I'm thinking something to do with oil, but they didn't confirm that.  The older gentleman of the group said that by the end of the week, there would be well over 100 others joining them... they had 14 on the plane in their group.  I was wiped out after 2 flights today, and they had on more after they arrived in Anchorage.  Be safe, fellas.

I now report from Bent Prop Inn in Anchorage.  I have a groovy little dorm-style room that I'm sharing with 2 other ladies (one of which I haven't met yet).  Cher is originally from Memphis, TN.  She's a little older than me, I guess to be in her early/mid-40's.  We hit it off right away - she told me about her kids, and vice versa.  She's very easy to talk to and I like her a lot.  She keeps telling me how much I'm going to love it here - I'm guessing that she'll be right.  The other gal, I am told, is an Alaskan native approximately the same age.  I wonder if I'll get to meet her before I crash for the evening.

I'm having a little bit of an issue acclimating to the time differences.  My computer tells me it's 11:23pm right now, whereas local time is 8:23pm.  I just ate dinner not too long ago and already feel like it's bedtime.  I know I just got here, but am hoping I adjust to this in the next day or so.  Quiet time here at the inn is 10pm, so I'm trying to stay up at least that long - which would be 1:00am at home.

Tomorrow will be all about exploring Anchorage.  Although it's Alaska's biggest city, it's not at all that big.  I would compare the downtown area to maybe twice with the Elgin downtown area is.  Not hugely significant, and very easily walkable.  I talked to Dave this afternoon (Bent Prop's owner/manager) - he gave me some ideas of things to check out in/around town while I'm here.  He told me of a trail nearby along the water that is great for landscape and wildlife viewing.  So what I lacked in photos today, I hope to make up for tomorrow.  I also need to arrange to meet Rachel - he's one of the JeepKJ Country forum members that lives not too far from Anchorage.  I think we're going to meet for lunch or something while I'm here.