Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another chapter ends

Today marks my last day at OSG.  I made it nearly a year here (it would have been a year next Wednesday on April 11th... ironically, also the same day I fly for Alaska).  This time I left on my own terms instead of enduring yet another lay-off from a company bound for bankruptcy.  It feels better this way - much more positive and with much less stress.  I'll miss a decent portion of my co-workers - some a whole lot more than others.  But this is good.  It's a positive close to this door on my life, and hopefully a great beginning to the next chapter... a better beginning.

Although it's not necessary to show up at a workplace anymore, I'll have plenty going on these last few days of being at home.  Packing for Alaska has been hectic and frantic, at best.  I have most things together, but it's the smaller nuance items that I know I'll forget.  Thank goodness for a 2-day stay in Anchorage for me to get my bearings, and get my head together, and pick up last minute items before I head further north.

Last minute lunch/dinner plans abound!  We have a lunch date and two dinner dates this weekend in addition to all the other little things.  I'll be packing as many visits to as many people as I can muster in the next 5 days... and yet, I don't think it'll still feel like enough.  It's difficult when you know your days are limited.  Heck, I even look at the pets differently because I know days are numbered with them too.  On one hand, I wish I could take everyone and everything with me when I go... but on the other hand, I don't want that.  This is something that I need - the space, the change of environment, the fresh look at everything.  My life in overhaul mode.  As much as I will miss, I hope to grow exponentially from the experience.

I keep telling myself... this will be good for me.