Friday, December 30, 2011

One more day...

One more day left in Project 365. *sigh*

I really never thought I'd get here. It's been a good experience, albeit frustrating at uninspired and unmotivated times. I'm pleased that I didn't give up on it altogether - that would have been the easier way out.

I did gain a lot of knowledge... not only about the finer details and inner-workings of the camera, but also about seeing. I see things in such a different way than I did this time last year. I look for details, differentiating lighting, textures, patterns... generally things that are overlooked. And even if the images didn't look spectacular in the end, I still learned something from each and every one of them.

I'd also like to thank so many for the encouragement, the honest insight/input (even when it wasn't something I wanted to hear), and those few who gave me the opportunity to shoot events and personal moments in their lives - I'm always grateful!

So, what's next? I'm not done 'projecting' altogether - I've decided to take on a scaled-down version of the 365 Project. 2012 brings the year of Project 52 - a photo per week based on a pre-determined list of themes. I'll be posting here, on Google+ and on my Facebook page as I have done in the past. I am also actively pursuing some other projects - stock and product photography, candid/street photography and I'd like to expand into even more event photography... more so than in this past year. Opportunities are endless, and I look forward to everything that comes my way. Experience is the best teacher.

Thank you to all of my blog followers, both recent and otherwise. I hope 2012 brings you all great things, opportunities, and much friendship and love - be safe and be well!

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